County Louth, Clogherhead - Upper floor plan, ground floor plan, section, exterior perspective.

Measured and drawn by C. Flanagan, D. Daly, P. Almond, 1944. 

County Louth, Clogherhead, (N.M.I. Collection - F: 2006.155).

Watercolour paper, pencil, black drawing ink, watercolour Height 537mm, Width 714mm.   

This two roomed house is entered directly into the living room area away from the hearth.  An upper floor or loft bedroom is accessible by a ladder from the living room.  The loft is directly above the bedroom on the ground floor.  Wooden partition walls create an additional sleeping space beside the hearth area on the ground floor. A lobster pot hanging from the rafter suggests the house's coastal location and owner’s occupation. The centrality of the hearth in domestic life is depicted in the image of a woman and child sitting on a form, or long low bench, beside the fire with an array of colourful vessels on the mantle.