County Louth, Clogherhead - Plan, section front elevation, detail of roof interior.

Drawn and painted by Pat Almond, C. Flanagan, D. Daly, 1944. 

County Louth (N.M.I. Collection - F: 2006.156)

Wove paper, pencil, watercolour. Height 490 mm. Width 668mm

A substantial thatched house with attic or dormer windows is shown.  The entrance to the house leads into a shop. The other two front compartments are used as store rooms.  The living space is at the back of the building with access to it through the shop. An A-framed pitched roof support structure is shown in detail.  The traditional length of a rafter was the width of a house.  The usual roof pitch was between 45 and 50 degrees. The roof need to be pitched at an angle that would ensure the run off of rain water. Surveyors noted the house was recorded with windows and frames of the type that would have been original to the house and not the modern style of windows found in place at the time of the survey.