County Waterford, Curragh - Plan, front elevation, isometric sketch of living room and section of house, 1945

Measured by John Cumming, Patrick Hamilton, and Robin Walker.

Drawn by Robin Walker, 1945

County Waterford, Curragh (N.M.I. Collections - F2006.112)

Watercolour board, black drawing ink, pencil Height 715mm, Width 504mm.

The isometric drawing of the house is drawn to scale. If the house was lived in at the time of the survey the other compartment, shown in the plan, was most probably a bedroom. Two items of furniture are shown in the drawing: a low-backed settle-bed and a creepie- stool.  Settles were designed to take advantage of the wall space in traditional houses. They were bench like seats by day, and could be opened out to form an enclosed box-like bed at night.  Beside the creepie, a fan-bellows is shown.  This mechanism was designed to help light a fire, especially one where coal was used. By turning the handle on the bellows wheel, air is forced through an underground vent blowing air out under the hearth and providing oxygen to help to light the fire.