County Waterford, Curragh - Plan, front elevation, section, and drawings of furniture, pottery, glass and fireplace equipment

Measured by John Cumming, Patrick Hamilton, and Robin Walker.

Drawn by Robin Walker, 1945.

County Waterford, Curragh (N.M.I. Collections - F2006.113)

Watercolour board, pencil, black drawing ink Height 706mm, Width 493mm.

The village of Curragh was an Irish speaking village with a declining population at the time of the survey. This was the home of the Ryan family. The house contains a number of different types of seating:  two stools known as creepies, a carpenters chair and a settle-bed. The surveyors record a lot of the house furniture and fittings details as well as the locally produced Waterford glass and Youghal pottery jugs.  Two beds each covered with an arch were known here as car beds and were an older style of bedding at the time of the survey. Covered beds created a micro-climate and would keep the sleeper dry from possible rain that may fall through the thatch.