County Dublin, Lusk - Plan, sections, south-east front elevation of terrace of houses and forge

Measured and drawn by John Burke and Barbara Tobias, 1943.

Lusk, Co. Dublin (N.M.I. Collection - F:2006.195)

Watercolour board, pencil, watercolour. Height 480mm, Width 665mm.  Drawn to a scale of one inch equals four feet.

Shown is a short row made up of a pair of two-roomed, semi-detached thatched houses and a blacksmith forge.  The house entrances are unusual.   The jamb wall at the hearth of the middle house extends to create a short dividing wall within the kitchen.  The other house features a curved wall that creates a corridor entry into the kitchen.  Neither of these are the more usual direct-entry or lobby-entry type house entrances.  The houses are generously furnished, and include tables, chairs and beds and an altar in one.  In the forge, the blacksmith bellows, anvil and brick chimney fireplace are also shown. The bellows is shown in plan and section.

Lusk, Co. Dublin - detail of bellows (N.M.I. Collection - F:2006.195)