County Dublin, Lusk - map of Lusk showing houses surveyed in 1943.

Lusk, Co. Dublin (N.M.I. Collection - F:2006.225)

Wove (blue) paper, black printing ink. Height 459mm, Width 363mm.

This hand drawn map of Lusk village indicates the thatched houses surveyed, sketched and painted by architect students in the summer of 1943. Students of architecture at University College Dublin usually travelled abroad during their summers to undertake architectural surveys. During the World War II years this was not possible.  Lusk was the first of the five coastal villages surveyed by the students in 1943.  The male students camped in the grounds of the Church of Ireland Rectory during their visit while the females stayed in boarding houses.  The survey was reported in the newspapers of the day including the Times Pictorial newspaper.

Lusk, Co. Dublin, detail (N.M.I. Collection - F:2006.225)