County Mayo, Tuar Mhic Éadaigh - Plan of a three roomed house

County Mayo, Tuar Mhic Éadaigh (N.M.I Collection - F:2006:31)

Wove paper, black ink drawing, coloured crayon. Height 235mm, Width 326mm.

The house measures 38 feet and 4 inches in length (11.7meters). Lofts are features typical of houses in the north west, and found over the rooms either side of the fireplace. The ‘outshot’ also known as a ‘cailleach’ housed a bed in a projection in the wall beside the fire.  It was usually for use by the oldest member of the household. The flagged floor of the kitchen and the street outside is shown in detail. The furniture is arranged to make use of the wall space and keep the area in front of the fire clear. Included are three beds, one table, three chairs and form or bench. There is also a stool at the hearth and a dresser next to the outshot.