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Art & Industry Research Services

Find out about the range of research services offered by the Museum's Art & Industry Division.

Find out about the range of research services offered by the Museum's Art & Industry Division.

Rules Of Admission

Applicants are asked to give reasonable notice to use the research facilities of the Art & Industry division. Applications are to be made in writing on the official form and addressed to The Keeper, Art & Industry Division, National Museum of Ireland, Benburb Street, Dublin 7.

Appointments should be arranged through the relevant Curator. Researchers will be assigned a block of time within which to complete their work. Applications for additional time should be made through the Curator.

The hours of attendance are: Monday - Friday 10:00 – 12:30 and 14:00 – 16.45.

Researchers will gain access to the research area, “morning and afternoon” through the Curator, whom they should contact through the attendant staff at reception.

Researchers must sign an attendance book each day.

Paper Archive

The paper archive of the division consists of:

  1. Manuscripts and typed registers of acquisitions. Registers must be replaced in their location at the end of each morning and afternoon session.
  2. Other manuscript records in the division’s correspondence books and archival files. When consulting manuscript/paper archives, only pencils may be used and tracing or the use cameras or copying devices is not permitted. Manuscript Registers must be handled with great care.
  3. Computerised documentation of collections.
  4. Card Index of acquisitions, trades etc. is available.
  5. A Photographic Index of many objects in the collections. Requests for photographs should be processed through the Administrative Department of the Museum.

Telephone calls are not normally made or received by outside researchers except in cases of urgency.

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Examination of Objects

Researchers are expected to have completed a journal search in relation to artefacts related to their research area and are expected to compile their own lists of Museum objects from the documented material. Lists of objects to be retrieved from the division’s stores must be accompanied by the location numbers.

Objects are to be handled with great care and the instructions of the staff in this regard must be followed. The use of metal templates or marking of objects in any way (pencil, masking tape, blu-tac etc.) is forbidden.

Care must be taken to replace objects in their correct storage boxes and not to detach or damage any labels.

Access to stores is not normally allowed but may be permitted in certain circumstances.

Researchers compiling lists of artefacts for thesis purposes must supply the Art & Industry division with a copy of the catalogue portion of the thesis in so far as it relates to the material housed in the National Museum of Ireland.