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Cycling and An Post

The exhibition panel about Cycling and An Post can be downloaded as a PDF.

Cycling the Country - Exhibition Panel - An Post  (1.38 MB, Adobe PDF)

My father Edward (Ned) Siggins was a postman and he had to keep his bike in top condition for his job. My father’s bike was one which only he himself used and we knew not to interfere with it. This photograph of my father was taken in Roscommon town about 1945 just before he got married. He is talking to a friend of his, Willie Kelly, as a notable photographer in the town, M. J. Farrell, surprises them with his camera and takes a photo. Ned began to drive a post van in the early 1950s but kept up his interest in bikes. I think I have the same affinity for these machines as I have a collection of three and keep them in working order.”
- Albert Siggins, Caisleán Stráinse, Co. Ros Comáin / Castlestrange, Co. Roscommon

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