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Our Team

Title Name Area of Expertise
Keeper of Irish Antiquities Maeve Sikora
  • Archaeology of early Medieval and Viking Ireland
  • Burial archaeology in Ireland
Assistant Keeper, Grade I Dr Nessa O'Connor
  • Heritage Law
  • Underwater Archaeology
  • Archaeological regulation and licensing
Assistant Keeper, Grade II Isabella Mulhall
  • Archaeology of Iron Age Ireland, particularly bog bodies and wetland archaeology
  • Aspects of early Medieval archaeology of Ireland
  • Egyptian Collection
  • Archaeological Licensing
Assistant Keeper, Grade II Matthew Seaver
  • Archaeology of early Medieval Ireland
  • Archaeological legislation
  • Aspects of the prehistoric collections in NMI
Assistant Keeper, Grade II Sharon Weadick
  • Prehistoric collections in NMI, in particular Bronze Age ceramics
  • Documentation of excavated collections 
Assistant Keeper, Grade II Dr Bernard Gilhooly
  • Archaeological licensing
  • Prehistoric collections in the NMI in particular Mesolithic and Neolithic collections
  • Stone axeheads
Assistant Keeper, Grade II Dr Niamh Curtin
  • Archaeological licensing
  • Archaeology of Medieval Ireland
  • Medieval ceramics
Senior Technical Assistant Margaret Lannin
  • Object Restoration;
  • Mounting and Display of Archaeological Collections;
  • Object Handling;
  • Accessing Reserve Collections on behalf of Researchers.
Clerical Officer
Eamonn McLoughlin
  • Clerical work for the Irish Antiquities Division
  • Contact Person regarding Applications for Internships

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