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Natural History Division Publications

Natural History Division - General Publications

There are a great many publications on the history of the museum and its collections. More specific lists are included on this website under sections dealing with the individual natural history collections.
  • Monaghan, N.T. 1992. Geology in the National Museum of Ireland. Geological Curator 5: 275-282.
  • Monaghan, N.T. 2000. The National Museum of Ireland. In: Buttimer, N., Rynne, C. and Guerin, H.  (eds) The heritage of Ireland, The Collins Press, Cork, 404-412.
  • Monaghan, N.T. 2005. Guide to the National Museum of Ireland – Natural History. National Museum of Ireland, Dublin [available free on this website, also  in Irish, French, Italian and German]
  • Monaghan, N.T. 2007. The Natural History Museum Dublin, past and future. Museum Ireland 17: 48-52.
  • O'Riordan, C.E. 1983. The Natural History Museum, Dublin. Stationery Office, Dublin

Recent Publications by Staff of the Natural History Division

  • Monaghan, N.T. 2021. The two suspended whale skeletons in the National Museum of Ireland. Irish Naturalists’ Journal 37: 142-150.
  • O'Hanlon, A. and O'Connor, J.P. 2021. The spider-hunting wasps of Ireland (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae). A review of the species, their natural history and recorded distribution. Biology and Environment: Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy121B(1), 61-82. doi:10.3318/bioe.2021.06
  • Parkes, M.A. 2021. George Victor Du Noyer’s large format paintings: Nineteenth-century lecture slides. In: Clary, R.M., Rosenberg, G.D., and Evans, D.C. (eds) The evolution of paleontological art. Geological Society of America Memoir 218: 1–8,
  • Parkes, M.A., Gatley, S. and Gallagher, V. 2021. Old volcanic stories – bringing ancient volcanoes to life in Ireland’s geological heritage sites. Geosciences 11(2): 52.
  • Gallagher, V., Meehan, R., Parkes, M., Hennessy, R. and Power, S. 2020. The Geological Heritage of County Tipperary. An audit of County Geological Sites in Tipperary. Geological Survey Ireland, Dublin.
  • Hennessy, R., Meehan, R., Gallagher, V., Parkes, M.A., Gatley, S., and McClure, N. 2020. The Geological Heritage of Donegal. An audit of County Geological Sites in south Donegal. Geological Survey Ireland, Dublin.
  • Monaghan, N.T. 2020. Matthew Alastair Parkes PhD, MA, BSc, EuGeol, PGeo, 1961–2020. Geological Curator 11, 4, 322-332.
  • O’Hanlon, A., Anderson, R., Nolan, M. and O’Connor, J.P. 2020. Irish carrion beetles (Coleoptera: Silphidae): A review of the species and their known distribution. Biology and Environment: Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, 120B, 3, 2020, 219-235.
  • O’Hanlon, A., Fahy, R. and Gormally, M.J. 2020. Indication of interference competition between the EU-protected Kerry slug Geomalacus maculosus (Allman, 1843), and the native tree slug Lehmannia marginata (Müller, 1774) in Ireland. Journal of Molluscan Studies, 86, 4, 389-400.
  • O’Hanlon, A. 2020. A new addition to the Irish fauna from old specimens: the first records of the burying beetle Nicrophorus interruptus. Irish Naturalists’ Journal, 37, 1, 59-60.
  • Volpato, A., Ahmed, K. S. D., Williams, C. D., Day, M. F., O’Hanlon, A., Ruas, S., Rotchés-Ribalta, R., Mulkeen, C., Ó hUallacháin, D. and Gormally, M. J. 2020. Using malaise traps to assess aculeate Hymenoptera associated with farmland linear habitats across a range of farming intensities. Insect Conservation and Diversity, 13, 3, 229-238.
  • Meehan, R., Hennessy, R., Parkes, M.A. and Power, S. 2019. The Geological Heritage of County Westmeath. An audit of County Geological Sites in Westmeath. Geological Survey Ireland, Dublin.
  • Monaghan, N.T. 2019. Megaloceros, the ice age giant deer of Ireland and some Dutch connections. Cranium 36 (1): 58-66..
  • Monaghan, N.T. 2019. Irish cave explorers and their Quaternary vertebrate discoveries. In: Dalton, C. and McGlynn, G. (eds) Giants of the Irish Quaternary: 13-16. Irish Quaternary Association, Dublin.
  • O’Hanlon, A., Williams, C.D., Gormally, M.J. 2019. Terrestrial slugs (Mollusca: Gastropoda) share common anti-predator defence mechanisms but their expression differs among species. Journal of Zoology 307: 203-214.
  • Parkes, M.A. 2019. One very long slow move with benefits: Ireland’s national geological collection. Geological Curator 11: 185-191.
  • Wyse Jackson, P.N., Caulfield, L., Feely, M., Joyce, A. and Parkes, M.A. 2019. Connemara Marble, Galway, Ireland: a Global Heritage Stone Resource proposal. Geological Society, London, Special Publications486,

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