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Viking Videos

Discover educational video content and related follow up activities.


Video 1 - Arrival of Vikings & Beliefs

Are Viking burial sites still being discovered and what can they tell us?

Maeve Sikora, Keeper of Irish Antiquities at the National Museum of Ireland, discusses what the Vikings believed, and how objects found in graves excavated in Dublin help us understand Viking culture.

Video 2 - Viking Women in Ireland

What can the artefacts found buried with Viking women in Ireland tell us about their lives?

Maeve Sikora, Keeper of Irish Antiquities at the National Museum of Ireland, focuses on everyday objects excavated at burial sites and what they tell us about the role of women at the time.

Video 3 - The Irish & the Vikings

What contact was there between the Irish and Vikings and how can we tell? And were slaves really traded in Dublin?

Eamonn Kelly, former Keeper of Irish Antiquities at the National Museum of Ireland, explains how Irish society was different from the Vikings, where the Irish lived and the interaction between the Vikings and the Irish.

Video 4 - Daily Life in Viking Ireland

What do walrus tusks and amber beads have to do with everyday life in Dublin during the Viking Age?

Dr Patrick F Wallace, former Director of the National Museum, discusses finds from excavations from one of the world's best preserved Viking towns: Dublin.

Video 5 - Legacy of the Vikings in Ireland

Did you know that some of the most impressive artefacts of the Early Christian period in Ireland are decorated with Viking motifs?

Former Director of the National Museum, Raghnall Ó Floinn, discusses how Viking art styles appear on Irish Christian artefacts such as the Clonmacnoise Crozier, the Shrine of the Cathach, and the Cross of Cong.

Viking Video Notes

We also have an accompanying set of notes and resources to ruther the information in our Viking Videos. This can be accessed from here: Teacher's Notes for Online Resources

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