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Temporary Exhibition

The Cuisine of Catastrophe

Free Admission

A catastrophe? Yes, these beautiful objects were to be destroyed. Second-Year Jewellery & Objects students from the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) changed that, redesigning them.

The original silverware was made in the 1900s is primarily from England with the exception of a teapot from Indonesia. They were kindly loaned to the students by Core Metals Ltd. This provided the students with a unique opportunity to work with the objects, developing new designs and practising their metalworking techniques. 

The students responded to the theme of consumption. They investigated how they could inspire users to playfully explore the perceptions and habits around eating. The items were reassembled to create new forms and to include alternative materials. This produced contemporary work that provokes visual, audio and tactile responses, granting a fresh perspective on dining utensils.

On display in the Irish Silver exhibition until 30 September, 2024.

Artists / Makers

Dicle Kaya
Jade Burren
Katelyn Tims
Kate Murphy
Lara Pelicaric
Chloe Wynne
Holly Fitzgerald
Natalia Hodera
Annette Saidléar
Hannah Brennan
Natalia Jastrzembska
Chloe Vambeck Courser


The Cuisine of Catastrophe is located at:
Collins Barracks ,
Benburb St,
Dublin 7
D07 XKV4

A new temporary exhibition featuring objects due to be destroyed re-imagined by 2nd year students from the National College of Arts & Design to give a fresh perspective on dining utensils. 

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Collins Barracks ,
Benburb St,
Dublin 7,
D07 XKV4

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