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Plaster cast model of a rejected design for the Irish halfpenny, Percy Metcalfe 1927

This collection consists of 10,000 pieces. The majority of the collection is Irish coins from the Viking period to the present.

This in turn is divided into two elements; a systematic chronological collection and a body of hoard material.

Hoards (whether of Irish or foreign material) are always collected, except where composed of the very commonest pieces, when the decision may be to record rather than acquire.

The Irish chronological collection is augmented by denomination, style and provenance in the same manner as the silver collection.

There is also a considerable body of Roman, English, European and Asian coins, which may occasionally be used to provide contrast or comparison.

There is a large collection of Irish medals, 3,700 in all, covering such topics as history, politics, agriculture, sport and education, as well as tokens, banknotes and associated numismatic material.

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