Girls and Boys Come Out to Play!

Ever heard of Queenie I O, Snap the Bacon, Red Rover and 5 Slates? Play these games and more in this energetic, fun filled workshop. The Games Box can also be pre-booked as a self-guided activity.

The pupils had great fun playing the traditional games, a good mixture of learning and having fun!

St. Patricks BNS, Castlebar

Tour at a glance

Level             1st -6th Class
Group size     30
Location       Grounds and Marquee
Duration       60 min
Times           10-11am 11.30-12.30pm

Curicullum Links

History and Personal Development

Learning Outcomes

  • Approach: Our overall approach is to lead the students through a guided discovery of traditional games and to compare the past and present.
  • Aim: The aim of this workshop is to raise appreciation of traditional games in the past and to compare the games played today to the ones played on the playgrounds in the past. Also to heighten the awareness of the group to the social importance of playing games amongst children in the community.
  • To discuss various traditional games played by children in the past.
  • To draw attention to the importance of these games in the social interaction within communities.
  • The use of imagination and creativity shown by the children.
  • To examine the continuation of these various games and the ways they are played today.

Recommended Reading and Useful Links

All in! All in!: a selection of Dublin children's traditional street-games with rhymes and music
Folklore studies 2
Volume 2 of Scríbhinní béaloidis
Author Eilís Brady
Publisher Baile Átha Claith, 1975
Original from the University of Michigan