General Tour PLUS+

Find out more about an exhibition of your choice (60 minutes)


'It was great for the students to experience the reality of life in the past. It brought the course work to life'

Teacher Feedback

Tour at a glance

Level             1st - 6th Class
Group Size   15
Location       Turlough Park House, Grounds and Museum Galleries
Duration       60 min

Curriculum Links

SESE History

•Working as an Historian

•Local Studies


•Life, Society, Work and Culture in the past

•Eras of change and conflict

•Politics, conflict and society

•Continuity and change over time

Learning Outcomes

As per General Tour, plus a more detailed look at one of the following topics:
• Inside the country house
• Farming & fishing
• Trades and crafts
• Birth, life & death
• Festivals