Harvest Knots

Learn about the customs celebrated at Lunasa. Find out about the harvest home, the last sheaf and make your own harvest knots.

Harvest knots workshop combined the natural environment and historical traditions. Fun activity much enjoyed by everyone!

St. Aiden's 

Workshop at a Glance

Level                Junior Cycle/ Transition Year
Group Size      15
Location          Galleries and Activity Room
Duration          60 min
Times               10.00am-11.00am  11.30-12.30pm

Curriculum Links

History, Art

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss festivals in general; identify the reasons that harvest knots were made, know the time of year they were produced, recognize the material used to make them, and see the different styles of the knots.
  • Learn how to make a compass plait harvest knot, and receive appropriate guidance leading to a completed project.