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Guided Tour: Recovered Voices: Stories and Experiences of the Irish during World War One

This interactive tour focuses on the people involved in World War One and how the War impacted their lives. It seeks to demonstrate the all-encompassing nature of the First World War and includes stories of nurses, doctors, prisoners of war and ordinary soldiers. Students will also get a change to handle a replica gas mask and uniform jacket.


Tour at a glance

Level: 5th - 6th class

Group size: 30

Location: Recovered Voices: The Stories of the Irish at War 1914-15

Duration: 45 minutes


Curriculum links

SESE History, Art


Learning outcomes

  • Exploring experiences of people involved in the War based on original objects from the Museum’s collections and on replica objects for handling
  • Making connections to local history relating to the First World War
  • Learning about the changing role of women
  • Understanding the impact of the War, on people from Ireland in particular


Recommended reading and useful links


Recovered Voices. Stories of the Irish at War, 1914 – 1916 by Lar Joye and Brenda Malone

Ireland and The Great War by Keith Jeffrey

Towards Commemoration: Ireland in war and revolution 1912 – 1923 by  John Horne and Edward Madigan



World War One Exhibition at the National Library of Ireland

Europeana 1914-1918

Gallipoli Association

Gallipoli and Anzacs: Info on resources for students and teachers

Imperial War Museum, UK

IWM Lives of the First World War


Researching individuals who took part in the First World War:

British Army Records Service

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Ireland’s Memorial Records

Royal Dublin Fusiliers Association

World War One Veterans Ireland: records Irishmen who returned to Ireland following the War, between 1918 and 1923.