Co. Waterford, Curragh - Plan, section, part section, elevation, elevation of half door, settle, coop, and window detail, 1945

County Waterford, Curragh (N.M.I. Collection - F:2006.108)

Wove paper, pencil drawing ink Height 697mm, Width 498mm.

The hearth in this house is in the gable wall. This was originally a one-roomed house. A second room has been created by erecting an interior wooden partition wall. Two dressers are placed back onto the partition wall to reinforce the partition. One of the dressers, a coop dresser is shown in detail. Coop dressers were once common in the southern counties of Ireland and provided a secure warm place for clocking fowl. The detail of the doors of the storage spaces either side of the hearth and the panelling in the high-back settle show influences from architectural styles of the 18th Century. The triangular shaped crane is also detailed.