County Waterford, Curragh - Plan and farmyard layout, elevation to S.E., section, details of dresser, windows, wooden bolt, part elevation of gate, 1945

County Waterford, Curragh (N.M.I. Collections - F2006.109)

Wove paper, pencil, black drawing ink, white gouache. Height 700 mm. Width 499 mm.

This was originally a two-roomed thatched house. The hearth is located in the gable wall. A slated later addition was described at the time of survey as an outhouse. It may have originally have functioned as a bedroom.  The house has windows to the rear of the house only and none to the front. 

The 'fiddle’ front dresser illustrated is 18th century in style. A gate and gate hinge mechanism is also illustrated.  A projection at the bottom hinge fits into the stone in the ground known as a 'spud'.  This mechanism allows the gate to be opened to a wide angle.