County Galway, Menlough - Plan, front elevation, cross section and perspective of the roof of this house,

Surveyed by Patrick Tuite in 1945. 

Menlough, Co Galway (N.M.I. Collection - F:1947.10)

Wove blue paper, black printing ink, pencil annotations. Height 507mm, Width 676 mm.

This was originally a three roomed house. One room is in ruins at the time of the survey. The surveyors noted on the house plan that the house has a daub floor.  Daub is an ancient building material especially in walling. The ingredients for daub depended upon what was available locally, but basic ingredients can include subsoil, (cow) dung, chopped straw and water.

The large oak beam upon which the wattle or basket-like chimney rests is noted as is the blocked up back door opposite the front door.  The interior perspective shows the roof is supported by wooden couples consisting of two rafters with their bases bedded into the wall head. The cross section sketch shows a chain suspended inside the chimney above the fire.   An oil lamp and Rosary beads hang either side of the keep hole to the right of the fire. 

Plan detail from Menlough Co. Galway survey (N.M.I. Collection - F:1947.10)