County Mayo, An Fal Mór - Plan of a two roomed house

Signed by ÅC, 1935 [Åke Campbell]

County Mayo, An Fal Mór (N.M.I Collection - F:2006.10)

Wove paper, drawing ink, coloured pencil/crayon Height 509mm, Width 375mm.

This house was probably originally a one-roomed byre-house. A bedroom was added in a later extension behind the fireplace. A ring for tethering a cow is set into the wall opposite the fireplace. Spaces for a calf and hens are also marked, as is the drain for animal manure. A byre dwelling – i.e. one shared by both people and farm animals – typically had opposite doors. These functioned for ease of movement of animals, to let in light and to regulate wind. They also were useful in the control of levels of smoke within the house.