County Wicklow - Sketch of hearth

Signed AC [Ake Campbell], 1934 

County Wicklow (N.M.I Collection - F:2006.15)

Wove paper, drawing ink, coloured pencil/crayon, blue stamp of verso. Height  502 mm.  Width 375 mm.  

This is a sketch of the hearth area of a Co. Wicklow house.  We see a small fire above which hangs two pot crooks.  There is a low hob wall behind the fire.  A wooden jamb wall to one side of the hearth creates small room effect around the fire.  The jamb wall supports a large cross beam above.  In turn the cross beams supports a triangular shaped canopy or chimney. This canopy is made of wattle that is interwoven twigs or branches.   The timbers of the roof are visible and the roof is supported by a notably high A-shaped timber frame resting on the house walls.

 The floor of the house is flagged and the furniture includes a table against one wall, red-painted bin or meal storage chest with a sloping lid and a form or bench seat under a keep or spy-hole in the wall and another along the jamb wall.