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Guided Tour: Highlights of the National Museum

Explore up to 7,000 years of Irish History from Mesolithic Ireland right up to Medieval Ireland. Take a close up look at some of the museum’s most famous objects including gold lunula from the Irish Bronze Age and Early Medieval Irish treasure such as the ‘Tara’ Brooch and the Ardagh Chalice.

Tour at a Glance

Level 1st - 6th Class
Group Size Designed for groups of 30 max
Location Preshistoric Ireland,  Ór - Ireland's Gold and The Treasury, Ground Floor, National Museum of Ireland - Archaeology, Kildare Street 
Duration 45 minutes
Days Available Tuesday and Thursday
Times Available 10:30am and 12:00pm
Accessability This tour is wheelchair accessible. Please advise when booking of any mobility issues.  



Curriculum Links

SESE History

  • Working as an Historian
    Time and Chronology / Using Evidence / Change and Continuity / Cause and Effect / Synthesis and Communication / Empathy
  • Story
    Stories from the lives of the people in the past / Myths and Legends
  • Early People and Ancient Societies
    Stone Age Peoples / Bronze Age Peoples / Celts / Early Christian Ireland / Vikings 
  • Life, Society, Work and Culture in the Past
    Life in Medieval Towns and Countryside in Ireland and Europe / 
  • Continuity and Change Over Time
    Homes, House and Urban Developments / Nomadism / Food and Farming / Clothes / Transport / Communications / Energy and Power / Literature, Arts, Crafts and Culture / Barter, Trade and Money

Other curriculum links include

  • Geography (A Sense of Place and Space / Human Environments / Natural Environments)
  • Science (Working Scientifically / Designing and Making / Living Things / Materials)
  • Visual Arts (Concepts)  



Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about people from Stone Age Ireland, Bronze Age Ireland, Iron Age Ireland and Early Medieval Ireland
  • Learn about how these people lived, the homes they built and lived in, the objects they made and used and the places that they travelled to
  • Gain a greater insight into the religion and beliefs of past people in Ireland