New Workshop: Illuminations - Stories of Colour and Light

This creative art and design workshop introduces students to concepts such as colour, form and composition through exploration of glass artefacts on display in the What’s in Store? exhibition. It aims to encourage critical thinking and creative responses. Students develop their artistic skills and aesthetic awareness while they design and make their own translucent panels.

We will pilot this workshop in September and October 2018. Please register your interest in the pilot by contacting the bookings office.


Workshop at a glance

Level: 4th - 6th class

Group Size: 15

Location: 'What's in Store?' gallery

Duration: 1 hour

Available: Thursdays, 10-11am and 12-1pm


Curriculum links

Visual Art: theory of colour, form, pattern, line and shape





Learning outcomes

  • Students will have employed and developed  standard drawing elements at Primary Level such as line, shape, form, colour, composition and texture
  • Developed an awareness of materials and their production through the close study of at least three contemporary art objects in the Museum


The workshop aims

  • To develop drawing and design skills
  • To evoke creativity through the method of storytelling
  • To encourage leadership and presentation skills
  • To "develop the expressive, communicative and functional modes of art, craft and design"  (NCCA syllabus)
  • Learn more about the role and impact of a museum