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Museum at Home

Discover our online resources linked to the collection of the National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology. Our activities are suitable for all ages. Print off our Ancient Code activity sheets to complete at home and take a look at our Viking videos.

Send us photos of your completed activities. Email or post your photos online (through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) using the hashtag #MuseumAtHome


Online Activities for Families

Activity Sheets

Download and print out the activity sheets and discover Egyptian Hieroglyphs and Viking Runes.
Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Explore how the Ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics to write and learn how to write your name like an Egyptian Pharaoh.
Viking Runes
Uncover the secret runes of the Vikings and use them to name and decorate a Viking sword.

Ogham Code
Ogham writing is earliest form of writing found in Ireland. Discover where in Ireland Ogham is found and write your own message on an Ogham Stone.


Discover more about the beliefs and religion of the Ancient Egyptians, the Vikings, and the early saints of Ireland by following the clues in our wordsearches.

Ancient Egypt Wordsearch 
Learn about the many different gods from Ancient Egypt and the animals they are connected to.
Wordsearch solutions

The Vikings Wordsearch 
Read about some of the gods from Norse (Viking) Mythology and see if you can find them in the wordsearch
Wordsearch solutions

Early Medieval Ireland Wordsearch 
Find out more about some of Ireland’s early saints and the objects connected to them. See if you can find all of their names in our wordsearch.
Wordsearch solutions

Christmas Activity: Riddles in the Museum 

Download this activity sheet and see if you can solve the riddles and match them to the objects on display in 'The Treasury Exhibition’ at the Museum. Once you have solved the riddles, see if you can find the names of these objects in the wordsearch. To help you on your quest, you can use the 3D Virtual Viewer of 'The Treasury Exhibition’ available from the Museum’s website.

'Riddles in the Museum' Activity Sheet 
'Riddles in the Museum' Solutions Page

Valhallaween! - Viking Raven Mask Craft 

For Halloween, create your own Raven Mask. In Norse Mythology, Hugin and Munin are a pair of ravens that fly all around the world and bring back information to the Viking god Odin. Download each of the three PDFs to find out more about Hugin and Munin, a template to create your mask, and instructions to show you how to make it. 

Information Sheet - Hugin and Munin
Template - Viking Raven Mask
Instructions - Viking Raven Mask 

Valhallaween! - Viking Horrible Helmets Craft

Did you know that the Vikings never had horns on their helmets? Download our Horrible Helmet craft and make your own Viking Helmet and find out more about helmets in the Viking Age. 

Information Sheet - Horrible Helmets 
Template - Viking Helmet Nose Guard 
Instructions - Viking Horrible Helmet 

Viking Videos

Check out our Viking videos to learn more about how the Vikings arrived to Ireland and discover some of the objects on display at the National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology.

Make your own Hand Bell 

Create your own early medieval Hand Bell, inspired by the bell thought to have once belonged to St. Patrick. This is on display in the Treasury Exhibition at the National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology. Watch this short step-by-step video by artist Renata Pekowska to discover how to make your bell using material in your own home.

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