Exhibitions at Collins Barracks

The following exhibitions have a strong link to the Primary SESE History curriculum – and other subjects, including Visual Art, English and SPHE.

Soldiers and Chiefs

traces Ireland’s military history from 1550 to the present day, including key events such as the 1798 rebellion, the Irish in the American Civil War, World War One, the Easter Rising and the War of Independence. The exhibition explores the daily life of the soldier, the changing technology of warfare and why soldiers join up – and investigates life for women and families during times of conflict. These themes are further investigated in the Museum's activity books for schools.


Proclaiming a Republic: The 1916 Rising

examines the events of Easter Week in detail through key documents and artefacts relating to the Rising, such as the Proclamation of the Republic, Pearse’s bulletins issued from the GPO and his surrender order. The exhibition provides the historic context for the Rising and examines the events through the eyes of civilians as well as those of the leaders, and explores the aftermath of the Rising, its impact and legacy.


Recovered Voices; the Stories of the Irish at War, 1914-15

explores what happened to the almost 70,000 Irishmen in the British Army during the first years
of World War One, by focusing on the stories of 21 Irishmen and women. The exhibition illustrates the human impact of the War on their lives, through original objects and interactive material.


Irish Silver and The Way We Wore: 250 Years of Irish Clothing and Jewellery

together provide a ‘way in’ to understanding Ireland’s social and economic history through silver and clothing. In addition, they offer a resource linking in with a wide range of curricula, including Art and Design, Geography, English and Drama.


Curator’s Choice and Out of Storage

look at why and how objects from Ireland and across the world can be important to us as a nation, as individuals and as historians.The resource pack ‘What’s in the Museum?’ focuses on these exhibitions and links in with SESE History skills and strands.


Barracks Life Room

is an interactive gallery allowing students to imagine life as a soldier living in the Barracks in the 19th and 20th centuries, through reconstruction areas and hands-on experiences. Groups can try on uniforms, practise rifle drill, explore the reconstructed beds laid out for kit inspection and use our interactive computers.
Try on uniforms in the Barracks Life Room


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