Activity Booklets

Explore the Museum with an Activity Book

Download and print the activity books before your visit or ask us to have them for you to collect when you arrive. Self-guided group visits can be booked by using our online form.


What's in the Museum? Resource Pack



The What's in the Museum Resource Pack gives an introduction to the Museum and  includes:

  • 10 Factsheets on objects in two galleries
  • Historical information on Collins Barracks and on the National Museum
  • Curriculum links
  • A useful glossary of terms
  • Lots of back in the classroom ideas for following up your visit
  • Practical advice on bringing groups around the Museum and on encouraging them to engage with the exhibitions.


“The pack is a super resource – it’s user-friendly, with strong links to curriculum strands.” Teacher Feedback


My Favourite Object

My Favourite Object - Soldiers and Chiefs (English) (0.44 MB, Adobe PDF)
My Favourite Object - Soldiers and Chiefs (Irish) (0.44 MB, Adobe PDF)
My Favourite Object - English  (0.14 MB, Adobe PDF)
My Favourite Object - Irish (0.14 MB, Adobe PDF)



Soldiers and Chiefs Activity Books 1 - 12

These 12 activity books encourage students to learn through a self-directed enquiry approach and explore themes within the exhibition Soldiers and Chiefs.

A Teachers' Guide to using the books with your class, which provides practical advice, curriculum links and follow-up activities back in school is also available.

The 12 books are ordered by level of challenge where 1 to 4 = introductory, 5 to 8 = intermediate and 9 to 12 = advanced.  We advise you to look through a selection to determine the books best suited to your class.

Symbols of Ireland Book 1  (0.35 MB, Adobe PDF)
Far From Home Book 2  (0.33 MB, Adobe PDF)
Garrison Communities Book 3  (0.28 MB, Adobe PDF)
Horsepower Book 4  (0.37 MB, Adobe PDF)
Army Women Army Children Book 5  (0.35 MB, Adobe PDF)
Clothes Make The Soldier Book 6  (0.37 MB, Adobe PDF)
Far From Home Book 7  (0.35 MB, Adobe PDF)
Why Soldiers Enlist Book 8  (0.55 MB, Adobe PDF)
Horsepower Book 9  (0.41 MB, Adobe PDF)
The Experience of Battle Book 10  (0.36 MB, Adobe PDF)
Symbols of Ireland Book 11  (0.36 MB, Adobe PDF)
What is a Hero? Book 12  (0.27 MB, Adobe PDF)

Teacher's Notes for Soldiers & Chiefs books 1-12