Tour: The Teddy Bear Tour

Bring along your favourite teddy bear and get a loan of one of the Museum's teddies for the duration of this specially designed tour to introduce younger children to the Museum. Visit favourties on display such as the panda, giraffe and elephant and discover the difference between teddies, animals and stuffed animals!

Tour at a glance

Level Junior Infants to Second Class
Group size Designed for groups of 30 max
Location National Museum of Ireland, Natural History, Merrion Street
Duration 45 minutes
Days Wednesdays in May and June 2018
Times 10am & 11:30am
Not wheelchair accessible



Curriculum Links

Aistear Themes

Well being
Care for the environment

Children will use language

Exploring and thinking
Children will learn about the world and make sense of the world around them

SESE Science

Investigating and experimenting
Collect information and data from a variety of sources

Living things
Plant and animal life

Environmental awareness and care
Environmental awareness; Science and the environment; Caring for the environment



Learning Outcomes

  • An understanding about the differences between teddies, animals and stuffed animals
  • Increased knowledge of animals and where the live in the world

Learn about:

  • What parts of a stuffed animal are real and what parts are fake
  • Compare your teddy bear to a real bear and all the other animals on display
  • Hear the secret stories behind the animals on display at the Museum


Resources & Suggestions

Before your visit

Make the most of your visit to the Museum. Why not take a 3D virtual tour of the Natural History Museum in the classroom with your students.